Airport Accommodations has been providing hotel services since 1988 for distressed travelers, crew, corporate business travelers, training and relocations.

Our mission is to provide hotel accommodation services that benefit our clients through effective cost management, operational efficiencies, increased quality and enhanced customer satisfaction. We deliver exceptional customer service and unbeatable rates
Airport Accommodations partners with over 3,000 hotels worldwide and has contracts with every major hotel brand as well as independently owned and operated hotels. As a result, Airport Accommodations has the ability to accommodate travelers at properties at virtually any price-point or service level.

Airport Accommodations web-based distressed passenger technology for hotel room blocking enables a hotel to monitor and adjust inventory on a real-time basis to enhance the hotels revenue and occupancy targets. Hotels are able to block inventory up to three days in advance at

Airport Accommodations utilizes custom-developed web portals to drive employee business travelers to hotels worldwide. The Airport Accommodations proprietary business and leisure travel systems can be interfaced to a clients employee website thus providing a seamless interface for the business travelers.

The 24/7/365 Customer Service Sales Center includes an in-house staff of dedicated hotel coordinators to act as a liaison between the hotel and the client.

In addition to increasing revenue and occupancy rates, Airport Accommodations:

  • Serves as an extension of the hotel sales staff
  • Drives last-minute business to the hotel
  • Acts as the interface to the traveler, freeing up the hotel staff to focus on the customer experience
  • Allows the hotel to increase their revenue and occupancy without additional overhead, salaries or benefits
  • Is on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Airport Accommodations welcomes new hotel partners. To request more information on becoming an Airport Accommodations partner, please contact us.

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