Airport Accommodations has been providing hotel services since 1988 for distressed travelers, crew, corporate business travelers, training and relocations.

Our mission is to provide hotel accommodation services that benefit our clients through effective cost management, operational efficiencies, increased quality and enhanced customer satisfaction. We deliver exceptional customer service and unbeatable rates

Crew Accommodations

Airport Accomodations ImagesAirport Accommodations provides both crew sourcing and distressed crew booking services worldwide.

Crew sourcing is managed by a dedicated Crew Manager with years of crew hotel contracting experience. The Crew Manager identifies and pre-inspects hotels to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the customer. Airport Accommodations then negotiates crew rates in the hotels approved by the carrier. Hotel options are presented and onsite inspections are conducted.

Distressed crew is managed via the Airport Accommodations 24/7/365 Customer Service Sales Center. Hotel room inventory in the distressed passenger system is available at any time for distressed crew members. The airline selects the appropriate hotel from the inventory of rooms that are available that day in order to supplement their normal daily crew contracted rooms. All hotel amenity information is available to the airline to ensure that the crew housing standards and requirements are met.

Airport Accommodations services enhance the clients crew department staff by:

  • Prequalifying hotels
  • Presenting only hotels that meet/exceed airline requirements
  • Coordinating and facilitating site inspections
  • Negotiating rates on behalf of the airline
  • Assisting with hotel problem resolution
  • Providing these services at no cost to the carrier

Information on crew accommodations, pleasecontact us.

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