Airport Accommodations has been providing hotel services since 1988 for distressed travelers, crew, corporate business travelers, training and relocations.

Our mission is to provide hotel accommodation services that benefit our clients through effective cost management, operational efficiencies, increased quality and enhanced customer satisfaction. We deliver exceptional customer service and unbeatable rates
Airport Accomodations
Airport Accommodations is the premier provider of hotel services to the airline industry and related companies for their fast-paced room procurement needs, including distressed travelers, crew and corporate business travelers.

By combining these front-line services with back-of-the-house support such as invoice auditing, payments and document processing, Airport Accommodations is uniquely positioned to provide a turnkey single-source solution for airlines, airline suppliers and related industries.

Airport Accommodations services include:
  • Distressed passenger hotel accommodations
  • Airline crew hotel sourcing
  • Distressed crew/crew extra hotel accommodations
  • Business travel management
  • Employee training housing
  • Employee relocation services
  • Hotel sourcing, rate negotiation and contracting
  • Invoice auditing and payment services
  • Electronic document storage and retrieval
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service
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    Exceptional Service & Unbeatable Rates Since 1988
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