Airport Accomodations
Airport Accommodations is the premier provider of hotel services to the airline industry and related companies for their fast-paced room procurement needs, including distressed travelers, crew and corporate business travelers.

By combining these front-line services with back-of-the-house support such as invoice auditing, payments and document processing, Airport Accommodations is uniquely positioned to provide a turnkey single-source solution for airlines, airline suppliers and related industries.

Airport Accommodations services include:
  • Distressed passenger hotel accommodations
  • Airline crew hotel sourcing
  • Distressed crew/crew extra hotel accommodations
  • Business travel management
  • Employee training housing
  • Employee relocation services
  • Hotel sourcing, rate negotiation and contracting
  • Invoice auditing and payment services
  • Electronic document storage and retrieval
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service
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